19 September 2013

Life time IDM (Internet Download Manager)

Hello Friends,
Lets crack the IDM.  IDM is the tool generally we all are aware with. Its Internet Download Manager used to download the file with higher speed from internet. You can download the trial version from its official site click here. To continue use the IDM you have to register or purchase its license from Internet download manager site. It will cost you around $30.00 bucks, but that is again not for life time its for limited period of time. IDM is really a nice tool for downlaod purchase. But purchasing IDM is against Rule and definitely you also don't want to purchase it if you can get it free of cost. :)

You need to download the IDM Life Time Tool and Internet Download Manager(IDM), if you downloaded or installed. You can download these two from below links. -

IDM version 6.17 from here
IDM Life Time tool from here   - you need to extract it as its rar file use the password "MyTacticks" I will suggest you to disable your Antivirus while applying patch, as few antivirus may detect it as infected file. Its because this tool extract the information of IDM to apply the patch.

Steps -
1- Download and install the IDM. (You can download from above link)
2- Download Life time tool from above link.
3- Disable you AV for a while till you are applying the patch.
4- Extract life time tool.  Use the password  MyTacTics to extraction.
5- Run the file "IDMCrackForLife.exe" it will extract the few information about the IDM from you system.

6. In your system, you will get "Trial" at the place of "Full".
7. Now you just need to run it by clicking the button "Start".
8. After few seconds you will get a message that registration successful.
9. Open you IDM and see its registered with the name "Deepak.Sharma" in my case.  Or the user name you loggedin in your system.  You can change the name by unchecking the "Auto" checkbox.

10- See the registration tab is disabled thats mean IDM is already registered.

Happy Cracking.. :)

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